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The case for Republican suicide tactics

Is it time for the Republican party leadership to be allowed to commit suicide?

Party leaders in both parties have accused us of being extremists or terrorists or simply nuts and wackos.

Maybe it is time for conservative voters to employ suicide bomber tactics, and take arrogant RINOs out in the 2014 general election if we can't do so in the primaries.  Work for their defeat now, and then seek replacements in 2016, even at the risk of short-term consequences such as an unchecked Obama regime.  After all, that might usefully remind Americans of how bad that can be, as when Obamacare was inflicted on us in 2009 - 2010.   That may focus the attention of voters for 2016 so that they don't make the same mistake as in 2008 and 2012.

Is it time for the Tea Party movement to abandon Republican leaders who scorn and conspire in secret against us, and either not vote in 2014 or support Democrats in districts where Republican incumbents do not deserve to be elected again because of their actions in office?  What purpose is served by electing people who only pretend to respect us at election time, but then conspire against us in office to keep growing government against our interests?

How long should we tolerate party leaders who openly attack conservative voters and principled Tea Party activists as though we were their enemy?  Should we take them at their word, and actually become their implacable enemy, and work for their defeat in more than just primary challenges?

Maybe the time has come to clean house and work for the defeat of as many RINOs as possible, even in "safe" districts, by depressing conservative Republican votes or actively working to support Democratic candidates.  At least we know what the Democrats stand for.  It may seem to be political suicide tactics, but maybe that is our only option to get their attention and change their behavior.  If they won't listen to us, work harder to end their careers, even if that may have painful short-term consequences by electing people who we fully expect to be even worse..

As Mayor Koch once put it in his inimitably pithy way when he lost, "The voters have spoken, and must be punished".

In short, we get the government we elect, even if we elect harmful and incompetent people as our leaders.  Sooner or later, people wake up to such mistakes, and learn to pay more attention to their choices.  Incompetent leaders can do a lot of damage, but the country will survive despite them because the country doesn't really rely upon them for success.  We can't, however, afford to allow our elected officials to lie and conspire against us with impunity.  We have to end their careers when they act entitled to rule over and disprespect us as they please, rather than serve us.

So, maybe it is time to let Republicans lose the House again.  The budget deal was outrageous enough, and now there is talk about secret deals to push amnesty legislation this spring, after primary challenges are no longer feared.

Speaker Boehner and others seem to think that they can act with impunity.  They are back to doing secret deals and passing unpopular legislation which they, in their infinite wisdom, feel is in their political interest even if the voters they allegedly represent are firmly opposed.  They fully expect to do as they please, regardless of voter opposition.

We cannot afford to shrug off such actions by Republicans, especially if we want to elect more of them someday.  If this is how they intend to govern, as they did in the Bush years, then we must get rid of them now rather than risk giving them even more power and thereby rewarding such abuses.  Our actions may seem suicidal from their perspective, but they are risking their loss of power by demonstrating that they do not deserve our trust.

Instead of making the most of the Obamacare fiasco to advance an alternative agenda, they are being timid about it.  Instead of exposing the abuses of power and the many policy failures of the Obama administration, they are just waiting and hoping to get more power for themselves and their cronies as the lesser of evils again.  They are not making the case for public opposition to the harmful policies of the Obama administration.  On the contrary, they are mostly attacking conservatives who have the temerity to suggest that government spending and debt is excessive.  After all, they know what is best for us, and we need to just shut up and let them rule over us as they please.  Two representatives can just cut a secret budget deal for trillions of dollars worth of spending, and nobody else really has any say in the matter.  The leaders can get together and conspire to cut deals against our interests, at our expense, and we should just keep electing them.

Maybe it is time for a real Tea Party revolt.  Refuse to vote for any Republican who backs immigration reform in 2014 other than to finally secure our borders and enforce our existing laws properly.  Refuse to vote for any Republican who is just the "lesser of evils", but who keeps voting against your interests on key issues like the budget deal to keep growing government and funding nightmares like Obamacare.  Refuse to vote for representatives who grandstand for the media in hearings and public appearances, but who don't actually take effective action to limit government or even to investigate abuses of power.

It's really quite simple.  Do you keep employees who persistently fail to do the job for which you employed them?  Do results matter?  The Republican party leaders like Boehner, Cantor, McCarthy, McConnell, and many others have shown contempt for conservative voters at the same time as they have produced contemptible performance in office.

If we cannot replace them in primary challenges, then perhaps the time has come to accept their decision to make us their political enemies, and work with their opposition to ensure their defeat in the general election, whether by actively depressing the Republican voter turnout in their districts by exposing their actions in office to voters or by actively working on behalf of their Democratic opponents.  At least we know what the Democrats stand for, and getting rid of arrogant incumbents who feel entitled to ignore and attack their base of voters with impunity is a worthy cause, even if the Democratic candidate may be unappealing and support other harmful policies.  In other words, at least that will force the Republican party to compete with a different candidate next time, rather than unresponsive incumbents.

The lack of competition is allowing incumbents to act with impunity.  It is producing very harmful and costly policy decisions.  If the Republican party will not seriously challenge such incumbents and be more responsive to voters, then voters may have to take the drastic action of letting such politicians commit political suicide, even at the risk of the party losing power completely again as in 2008.  

The country will survive if Speaker Boehner and his cronies lose in 2014.  If we have to help them lose to get the attention of party leaders and truly reform the Republican party into a more principled and conservative organization, then that is a fight worth having.  They are conspiring to push through immigration "reform" this spring after they are confident that they will escape political consequences through primary challenges.  We need to make it very clear that they will NOT escape consequences.  We have to be ready to go to the brink and do everything necessary to defeat politicians who are willing to conspire in secret against the voters who elected them.

Boehner and his cronies will do whatever they think is in their own best interest.  We must be prepared to do the same, and that includes using every available method to rid ourselves of such party leaders as soon as possible.  That includes working actively against them in the 2014 general election despite the harmful consequences of electing more Democrats, including the return of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, no matter how horrible that prospect may seem.

We cannot afford to tolerate Republican leaders who feel entitled to rule over us, abuse us, and deceive us.  We do not need them.  We do not benefit from their timidity and ineffectiveness and poor performance in office.  It is time to clean out the House of many incumbents in BOTH parties who do not deserve to be there.  If we can't do it through the Republican primary process with better candidates, we must do it by other means at general election time.

In summary, it is infinitely preferable to replace weak Republican incumbents with better candidates in primaries, but the party leadership and cronies such as major donors resist such challenges.  That may leave conservative voters with no better option than the suicide tactics of allowing weak Democrats to win, even in "safe" districts, and then seek a stronger Republican candidate next time.  Otherwise, the entire party is gradually committing suicide by rewarding arrogant abuses of power by incumbents who disrespect voters.  There must be new leadership, one way or another.  We cannot afford to tolerate Republicans who feel entitled to rule over us as they please for as long as they want.

The time for complaining is past.  We must defeat them, one way or another.  We tried to be supportive in 2010, but the party leaders have made it clear in recent months that they are at war with us, so it is time to change tactics and take a strategic long-term view of this fight.  All of these "leaders" are expendable.  Our system of government is not.  If we allow elected officials to rule over us with impunity through secret deals and unchecked bureaucratic power, then our system of limited Constitutional government as a federal republic has been destroyed with the complicity of both parties, and we have to fight against both parties to restore the freedom, authority and rights of voters.

It may seem suicidal to allow Democrats to win districts where Republicans can easily win, but that may be the only way to replace the party leadership and get the attention and interest of more principled, aspiring leaders who can rebuild the party by making it trustworthy and deserving of voter support again.

It is more suicidal for the Republican party to be led by unprincipled politicians who do not respect either the voters or the limits of the Constitution on our government.  if they will not actively defend our Constitution and the principles of limited government by effective actions in office, then they must be replaced, even if that may involve the short-term pain of electing Democrats as an even worse alternative.  

Rather than accept the "lesser of evils" as an excuse to tolerate Republican incumbents who conspire against us, we may have to tolerate the "greater of evils" temporarily and then work to rebuild the Republican party with more trustworthy leadership.  Since we can't get term limits and the political party system, gerrymandered districts, and campaign finance virtually assures incumbents that they can act with impunity, our only option may be to deliberately elect candidates who we also do not trust, but who may be easier to replace in the future.

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Comment by Bruce Donnelly on February 15, 2014 at 1:19pm

The "clean" debt limit increase was another reminder of the need for new leadership, as was the recent attempt to push amnesty legislation forward this year.  If Republican leaders won't listen, we need to consider how to defeat them, even if they are in "safe" districts.


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