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Early voting ends Saturday.  In Cuba Township, voting is at the Lake Barrington Village Hall.

The Cuba Township Republicans recently interviewed all of the candidates in competitive races, and then discussed them carefully before making the following endorsement decisions.  I support these choices personally.

For Governor to replace Pat Quinn:  Bruce Rauner

For US Senator to replace Dick Durbin:  Doug Truaz

To replace Dan Rutherford as Illinois  Treasurer: Bob Grogan

For Lake County Treasurer:  David Stolman

David McSweeney is running unopposed for IL 52 Representative.

Ed Sullivan was endorsed over Bob Bednar for IL 51 Representative

As full disclosure, I am running once again as Cuba 71 Precinct Committeeman, an unpaid volunteer role.

Please encourage all your friends and neighbors to vote.

We are fortunate to have several good choices available in the above races.  Once the primary is behind us, we need to organize quickly this spring, summer and fall to support the winning candidates.

This should be a very important election in November, as in 2010.

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Comment by Jane Clodfelter on March 14, 2014 at 7:31am

Bruce-Thank you for keeping us up to date and all your hard work.  Very sorry to hear you have been under the weather and best wishes for a very speedy recovery!

I am copying some info regarding Ed Sullivan that was sent by Elise Bouc because I am hoping Bob Bednar will beat Ed Sullivan:

For the first time in 11 years, our district has a chance to elect someone who will truly represent our views in Springfield.   

Bob Bednar is running for State Representative for District 51.  He will be a solid vote for fiscal responsibility, responsible pension reform, sanctity of life, traditional family values and 2nd amendment rights.  With his 30 years of experience in banking and lending, he has the expertise to help resolve the financial problems Illinois is facing, and he will help resolve those problems without raising our taxes.  You can learn more about Bob Bednar at:

Why do we need a new representative?  Our current representative, Ed Sullivan, is a career politician with two government jobs, who has turned a deaf ear to the views of our district on many important issues.  He has supported tax and fee increases, aggressively promoted the expansion of gambling, voted against informing parents if a minor seeks an abortion, and recently voted to redefine marriage.  These are not the views of our district!  

As you can see, it's time to elect a new state representative for our district. 

How can you help?  

1st - Please vote for Bob Bednar.    

Comment by Sante Iacovelli on March 14, 2014 at 11:40am

I no longer receive the tea party e-mails. Please renew or advise.

Sante Iacovelli

Comment by Bruce Donnelly on April 3, 2014 at 9:45am

In Cuba Township, voter turnout for the March 18 primary was only 19%.  2303 out of 12059 registered voters.  We have to do MUCH better than this in November if we are to rid ourselves of Pat Quinn and Dick Durbin.

In Ela Township, the situation was even worse at 17% turnout, with 4756 out of 27957 registered voters.

Sadly, my own precinct (Cuba 71) was also only 18% turnout as I was unable to work the precinct because of unexpected health issues in recent months.  I will certainly work on that this spring, summer and fall.

Please talk to your friends and neighbors this year about the critical importance of the 2014 midterm election.  We need a record turnout to start turning this state around.

Comment by Bruce Donnelly on April 3, 2014 at 10:10am

Overall turnout in Lake County was only 14%

In suburban Cook County, turnout was only 16%.  Republican turnout exceeded Dems, but that may have been skewed by labor union efforts to get members to vote in the Republican primary against Bruce Rauner.  We should not expect a similar pattern in November.

In Barrington Township, note that Dick Durbin got 174 votes and Pat Quinn 142.

There were only 1456 Republican ballots cast, however, and only 1388 of them voted for the US Senate race, with 713 for Doug Truax and 675 for Jim Oberweis.

It was interesting to note that Doug Truax won Barrington township even though he lost to Jim Oberweis statewide.

Bruce Rauner carried Barrington Township with nearly 68% of the votes, with Kirk Dillard a very distant second with a little over 20%.

Comment by Bruce Donnelly on April 3, 2014 at 10:23am

Out of 10630 registered voters in Barrington Township, only 174 voted for Dick Durbin out of 181 ballots cast in the Democratic primary.  Since there were few contested races in the Democratic primary, it is not surprising that turnout was low, as usual.  Only 161 of the ballots were cast for the two US Congress races in the township, with 130 for Michael Mason in the 6th (to challenge Peter Roskam) and 31 for Tammy Duckworth in the 8th District, where Larry Kaifesh will be the Republican cnallenger.

As indicated, only 142 of the 181 Dem ballots cast supported Pat Quinn.  That suggests, as expected, that he is less popular than Dick Durbin among the base voters in this area.  It will likely be harder to beat Durbin.

Comment by Bruce Donnelly on April 3, 2014 at 10:37am

In Lake County, Ed Sullivan beat Bob Bednar in the 51st District for Illinois Representative by a 59-41 margin.  The district needs a new representative to be recruited by 2016.  As a long-term career politician who is tied to Springfield leadership, Sullivan will be hard to replace unless a Democrat defeats him.  For now, in 2014, he has no Dem challenger.

It is disappointing t hat Tom Cross got nearly 54% of the vote in Lake County for state Treasurer against Bob Grogan, who was endorsed here in Cuba Township.

In the Governor race, it was interesting to note that Bruce Rauner's support elsewhere in Lake County was less than in Cuba or Ela townships.  He won with only about 54.5% of the Lake County vote, as contrasted to the much higher support in Cuba at 68% as mentioned above.

Comment by Bruce Donnelly on April 3, 2014 at 10:46am

In Lake County, Pat Quinn got only about 82% of the Dem votes, with 18% going to an unlikely challenger.  He got far fewer votes than the other statewide candidates, who were unopposed.  Once again, this suggests a lack of enthusiasm for Pat Quinn among the party base, which may depress Dem turnout in November.  The other big "top of ticket" race in November will be for US Senator, but most media observers assume that it will be impossible to beat Dick Durbin, which may also lead to weaker Dem turnout.  In effect, turnout efforts may be led primarily by other more local races in competitive districts.

Comment by Steven Johnson on April 3, 2014 at 8:25pm

Lake County turnout was pathetic.  I too was disappointed when Tom Cross won for Treasurer.  Also it was very sad that a fine young woman and highly qualified candidate Jeri Atleson lost her election.  It's funny, we had a choice between two great CPA candidates for Lake County and State Treasurer, and who do we elect?  In Lake County we elect a lawyer who was running simply to bet a bigger pension.  In the State we reward Tom Cross (a lawyer), one of the worst Republican leaders in state history who's "leadership" gave us a super minority in Springfield.  Sometimes I think we should all, in Bruce Rauner's words "shake up Springfleld" and move to Indiana.


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